TETRA Network Performance Monitoring

One of RSI’s best selling and proven products, Aries provides autonomous real time monitoring of TETRA network performance.


It is powerful, easy to use, and affordable making it ideal for large users and network operators who require independent performance verification.


Real time results are viewed as easy to read maps, graphs and tables on any internet connected device using a standard browser.



Why use Aries?


Aries is used by police forces and emergency services worldwide, including London’s Metropolitan Police and Ireland’s An Garda Síochána, and in situations as diverse as London Underground, Heathrow Airport and a G8 summit.


By providing first-line radio network monitoring of faults and problems Aries provides a true and independent measure of grade-of-service as perceived by you, the user. As it also takes into account all failed calls and poor coverage areas, Aries provides a picture of network performance that is not available from standard network call logging.


This information and analysis provided by Aries allowed one police force to save over £2 million in one financial year.

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