For surveying PMR, Paging, Broadcast and Cellular Radio coverage


Libra surveys radio coverage simply and accurately. Based on a Chase GPR calibrated receiver, it fits any vehicle without modification or additional wheel transducer. Libra will survey up to 5 frequencies simultaneously and still produce statistically valid coverage data. It is suitable for use by one operator or driver, and because any warnings are only given audibly, the driver can concentrate on driving.


What makes Libra really unique is the powerful analysis software that allows the user to produce maps whilst still in the field. These can show composite system coverage or ‘most likely base’ using any combination of sites. The map projection is configurable for all standard-mapping systems allowing worldwide use of Libra. One of the fundamental principles of Libra operation is the use of site names rather than frequencies to identify sets of survey data. The real benefit of this comes during the analysis when complete sets of data for each site can be included or excluded from the analysis without having to worry about the actual survey frequency. Data from Libra can also be exported in a number of different formats directly into prediction tools for correlation.


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