TETRA Antenna Combiner

Operate up to 4 TETRA radios through a single antenna


The TETRA Antenna Combiner works in conjunction with the Gemini survey tool to allow up to 4 TETRA class 3 (3W) radio terminals to be connected to a single antenna whilst meeting all ETSI requirements for intermodulation products. The Combiner includes an ultra-linear wide-band TETRA amplifier to compensate for combining losses as well as specially designed receiver amplifiers to eliminate wide-band noise interference between terminals, thereby ensuring that there is absolutely no reduction in performance for any radio terminal.


Two models are available:


Model A

Up to two class 3 radio terminals may be configured for 0dB gain whilst the other two radio terminals must operate with 11dB loss.


Model B

Wide-band amplifier not included. All terminals operate with 11dB loss.


Terminals with 11dB loss simulate the performance of a hand-portable antenna and further attenuation of 5dB or 15dB may be added to simulate building losses. The combiner also includes a switch to insert a further 5dB attenuation into the transmit path to simulate the transmit power of a class 4 (1W) hand-portable.

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